Horticulture Division

The mission of the horticulture division of the Virgin Island Department of Agriculture is to provide the public with resources to promote agricultural activities and increase food production in the territory. These resources include technical assistance, vegetable seedlings, fruit trees, fertilizer, germination mixes, molasses and seeds.

Horticulture division contributed to the development of local coffee business such as Virgin Island Coffee Roasters (2012) and Full Cup Flavor (2015).

There are several advantages to utilizing seedlings produced by the VI Department of Agriculture nursery. First, the varieties we grow are recommended varieties for the Virgin Islands. Purchasing seedlings from the department will save you time, water and energy.

The nursery maintains a number of types of fruit trees, mostly grafted which are made available for purchase. The major advantage to growing grafted fruit trees is that most types will fruit years earlier than many types of trees grown from seed. Some of the types of trees that we have available are; mango, avocado, citrus and breadfruit to name a few.

There are many reasons to use hay mulch in your garden or farm. First is the conservation of water, particularly in the dry season. Also, mulch can play a huge part in weed suppression, saving the farmer or gardener a tremendous amount of time. In addition, mulch will add a slight bit of organic matter to the soil. The Department of Agriculture sells round bales of hay mulch which is not suitable for animal feed. You must provide a way to transport it.

Agriculture is an ever changing science. As new technologies emerge, it is important that our farmers are aware of improved products and processes. Through demonstration plots, workshops and personal interaction, the horticulture division seeks to transfer new technologies to our stakeholders.

Governor John P. DeJongh, Jr.My Administration is firmly committed to supporting economic development in the United States Virgin Islands. We boast a strong and rapidly growing economy that is evident with an unprecedented influx of business development to our islands on a daily basis. We are unique and our beloved Territory offers many benefits: We use U.S. Currency and have the protection of the U.S. flag and U.S. courts. Manufacturers have duty-free, quota-free access to the U.
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